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Brazil Poster

This is a poster was made for a Typography class, the aim was to create posters only with type.

For this composition, I’ve taken as inspiration the place that I love and came from,Brazil.
 I started by brainstorming for words that remind me Brazil and feelings related, such as: beauty, unity, love, mountains, joy, festivals, beaches, caipirinha, freedom,carnival, passion, culture, nature, amazon, cachaça, colors, fruits, feijoada,fun, capoeira, coffee, friendly, adventure, forests, surf, samba, soccer, life,beer, arts, green, roots, unique, movies, wine.
 Then I had the Idea of making the shape of the geographic form of Brazil with types, to do so,I first got an image of the geographic position of Brazil arranged the words over the image, trying to fulfill the areas on a way to follow the shape by changing the size and the tracking of the letters.
 For the words typeface, Ive made experiences with different types; as I wanted the composition to be clean, I ended up by choosing Century Gothic type (in regularand uppercase)I like this typeface because of its clean and lightweight aspect, which promotes an easy reading.
 To follow the clean aspect of the compositionIve choose to use only three colors, yellow (R=225%, G=228% B=0%),green (R=0%, G=124% B=48%) and black(R=1%, G=1% B=1%); The yellow and thegreen come from the Brazilian flag, and the black was used for the body of the composition.

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Municitype is a book on my findings and experiments on “What improvements can a customized typeface bring to a city?”.
I analyzed cases of cities like Paris and London that had typefaces specifically made for their signage. I also interviewed Mr. Jeremy Dooley, one of the designers involved in the ChaType project that is creating a typeface for the city of Chatanooga and I did the experiment customizing typefaces and signage for two cities and one large neighborhood.

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Pretty Lights Poster

Poster for the Pretty Lights show in Miami Beach, October 2 2012.
Screen printed at Iron Forge Press.

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Type Is Poster

In this typography project, we were required to create a poster for a type organization event.
I was thinking how graphic designers that are in love with typography are always paying attention to type in everyday life. But, can we find typography everywhere?? I challenged myself then to find shapes of type in common places in life and make a poster with them from A to Z, it was really interesting to see how we can find it in the most unexpected places, like the way my dog lays down on the floor.
We’re trapped in a world with letters everywhere! Not a bad thing for a graphic designer :-)

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The Soul Stoned is a music and culture website; news, interviews, reviews on festivals, art, skateboarding, surfing and music.
It was designed in HTML using CSS and tools like webfonts and social plugins.
the soul stoned website

In addition to the website I created a graphic standarts manual with instructions about the site structure, creation of elements like rollovers, advertising. And also stationary, print/web colors, promotional and typography use.

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Ukelele 3 Ad Series

This was an assignment for a advertising class, we were requested to do a 3 ad series I asked myself: “What could be a product that I never thought about doing a 3 ad series?” I was reminded of this little instrument that I had gotten at a Guitar Center clearance  the same week, a Ukelele.
For this ad series I established 3 new target markets that could be interested in buying a Ukelele. This is a very easy instrument to pick up and fun to do during any little spare time, so I thought maybe a lot of people could use it the same way as me.
So I got to the tag line: “In between breaks”, and started thinking now about who would use it in between their breaks: artists, surfers and skateboarders seemed to me to be the ones that would like to use it as a spare time tool.
From that point I decided to take some shots of the Ukelele at the “in between breaks situation”; in the table along with some artwork and ink, together with skateboard parts and in the beach (all the shots were taken by me, besides the photo on the top of the surf ad).
I didn’t like the logo of the brand of the Ukelele I had, so I also created another one for it that you can see on the top.

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Boxing Editorial

Lay out for a boxing magazine with a special edition on classic fighters.

boxing editorial coverboxing editorial

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Surfer Man Surf Team

Logo and product application for brazilian surf team Surferman.

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48 Horas Photography Book

This was a photography project together with Guilherme DRZ back in 2009 when we started the Resiste Collective, the idea was to rent some photography equipment from the university and take full usage of it on the 48 hours allowed.
48 Horas was the very first Resiste Collective work and it’s very special, as it shows what inspired and still inspires us: people and situations that show their true heart and strength as they follow their paths in life. a tree that refuses to live below the concrete, someone that uses skin as canvas, music makers, skateboarders and the ones that instead of passing by, leaves his mark in the streets.

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Devant Ballet School Website

Website for the school of ballet Devant from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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Jamba Juice Ad

jamba poster

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Action Day Poster

Poster created for university project, inspired in International Typographic Style.